WebTitan Cloud can assign custom policies to a user, but in order to be able to do this it must first be configured to uniquely identify users by their user name.  This can be acheived using DNS Proxy and the WebTitan Active Directory Agent (WADA).  Both of these products are availabe at no cost to WebTitan Cloud customers.

DNS Proxy

The DNS Proxy appliance is deployed on-site and provides the WebTitan Cloud server with a footprint on your LAN.  It provides two main functions:

1) Download a list of all users from your Active Directory server/s

You enter your Active Directory server details and the DNS Proxy will download all users and groups.  These are then uploaded to the WebTitan Cloud server.  When you add a server, rules are auomatically created to redirect DNS requests for that servers domain to that serever.

2) Process DNS requests for onsite users (this provides us with the internal IP address of all machines making DNS requests)

When deployed and configured the DNS Proxy will be used as the primary DNS server for your computers.  DNS requests addressed to your local domain will be redirected to your Active Directory server, DNS requests for all other resources are send to the WebTitan Cloud server.  

WebTitan Active Directory Agent (WADA)

WADA is installed on your Active Directory server.  It must run with Domain Administrator privileges.  It builds a list of the IP addresses of the computers on your network and the users that are currently logged on to each PC.  It does this by:

1) Monitoring the Event Log for log on/log off events

2) Scanning each PC using WMI to identiy the users that is currently logged on.

This information is then sent to the DNS Proxy server.  When a DNS requests is made via the DNS proxy it can determine which user is logged on to the PC which has made the DNS request, and this information is added to the DNS packet that is sent to the WebTItan Cloud server allowing the WebTItan Cloud server to identify each user, and hence apply the correct policy.

You can find download links for both the DNS Proxy appliance, the WebTitan Active Directory Agent and the install guide here: