As WebTitan Cloud blocks/allows requests at the domain level, it's possible to create whitelists of domains that are allowed regardless of categorization. For example, if the News category is blocked, but is added to the whitelist, then users will be able to browse content on Take a look at Whitelisted Domains for more information on how to add, delete, import and export single whitelisted domains.

However, most web sites are comprised of multiple components that load from multiple locations. For example, loads images and content from (licdn = Lindedin Content Delivery Network). Therefore, when whitelisting a site you may have to whitelist multiple locations.

All modern browsers have developer tools that show you the various components of a site. To access developer tools:

  1. Press F12 on your keyboard.
  2. Click on the Network or Net tab and the load or reload the page to view its components. 

Below is a screenshot of using Firefox's Developer Tools. In this case, you would have to whitelist both and to ensure the site loads correctly.