Video Guide:

Adding a location/IP address

You need to configure WebTitan Cloud to accept DNS queries from your location.  To do this you add your external/public IP address to your account.

1) Log on to the WebTitan Cloud server here:

2) Go to Settings > Locations

3) Click the Add button

4) Enter your external/public IP address and a location name.  If your location has a dynamic IP address select the "Dynamic IP" check box.  Click save when completed.

WebTitan Cloud will now accept and process DNS queries from the IP address you added.

Dynamic IP address

If you have a dynamic IP address you will need to install the WebTitan Cloud IP agent on a server or PC.  This will update the WebTitan cloud servers if your IP address changes.  When you enable the "Dynamic IP" option for a location a "Location Key" is created.  

This Location Key is entered during the WebTitan Cloud IP agent install process.  You can download the WebTitan Cloud IP agent from here: